Summer Cooling And Cleaning Teeth Pet Chewing Supplies




This product is a multifunctional pet dog toy, set

Various functions such as cooling and quenching thirst, grinding teeth and cleaning teeth,

Improve intelligence. A variety of designs can attract pet dogs to have more fun,

Improve their happiness and security.

The popsicle at the bottom of the toy is made of nylon,

It is very chew-resistant and can be taken out directly and used as a chewing toy for pets.

The tooth cleaning channel of the toy can be coated with pet toothpaste or food

Attractant, has a better cleaning effect on pet dogs, and it is really realized

The function of brushing teeth when the pet dog is playing.



Product Category: Dog Toys

material: plastic

Weight: 154g

Specifications: American blue, chocolate color, popular color, lake blue


Packing list:

Dog toy*1


Additional information

Weight 0.14 lbs
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 in

American Blue, Chocolate color, Lake Blue, Popular color