Rocco & Roxie Puppy Potty Training Go Here Spray for Dogs - Attract Dog to Pee in One Spot - Behavior and Housebreaking Aids - Indoor and Outdoor - Tools and Supplies for Dogs and Puppies Made in USA



Brand: Rocco & Roxie Supply Co.


  • Speeds Up Potty Training: Puppies learn at their own speeds, and Rocco & Roxie Spray & Go Attractant literally points the way to being housebroken.
  • Works Indoors And Out: Spray it on pee pads, turf pads, grass, bushes, trees, concrete and anywhere else you want to train your puppy to pee.
  • Strong Smell For Effective Results: The synthetic scents may not be appealing to humans, but they make a big, inviting impression on your puppy.
  • An Effective Tool In Your Training Routine: By showing your puppy exactly where you want it to pee, you’ll help eliminate hesitancy, confusion and accidents that could lead to scolding.
  • Buy With Confidence: You want the best for your best friend. We do too. If you are not satisfied with the performance of this product, contact us. We are determined to make it right!

Package Dimensions: 42x201x259

UPC: 850010626451