PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray Dog Spray Deodorizer Perfume For Dogs - Dog Cologne Spray Long Lasting Dog Sprays - Dog Perfume Spray Long Lasting After Bath- Dog deodorizing Spray (Show Dog)



Brand: Paw Fume


  • 🐩DESIGNER DOG COLOGNE: Pawfume deodorizing dog spray pairs high-end luxury fragrance with lasting performance. Give your pooch the wellness and coat care it deserves with salon scents dog cologne! Our long lasting dog spray perfume is GORGEOUS!
  • 👃SMELLY DOG NO MORE: Pamper your canine friend with botanical dog deodorizer spray (for dog dry skin, too!). Pawfume’s dog deodorant spray (odor eliminator) is moisturizing, detangling and reduces static. This is THE dog spray for smelly dogs!
  • 🩺VETERINARIAN-CERTIFIED: Our cologne for dogs pet spray (for dogs to smell good and divine!) is eco friendly, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free. Our dogs spray perfume pets spray contains a probiotic formula that keeps your dog’s coat shiny & fresh.
  • 📅LONG-LASTING: Pawfume grooming spray is synonymous with performance. Our formula lasts 3-5x longer than other leading brands. Our quality is unrivalled — your dog will smell striaght out of a 5-star day spa!
  • 🟠🔵🟣SCENT PROFILES: *SHOW DOG* Soft & clean blend of white lily, powdery musk and amber // *BLUE RIBBON* Sweet & fruity cocktail of fresh melon, pear and raspberry // *ROYAL LAVENDER* Pure, full, gentle and calming lavender

Package Dimensions: 41x157x150

Details: Pawfume’s Dog Grooming and Finishing spray contains salon-quality botanicals for long-lasting fragrance both before and after baths. Premium grade conditioners help moisturize, detangle and reduce static in your dog’s coat. Pawfume’s dog grooming and wellness solutions are designed for performance, with fragrances that last longer than any other dog grooming products. All Pawfume products are hypoallergenic, alcohol free, sulfate free and veterinarian certified for healthier dogs and happier humans. Scent profiles: Show Dog: A soft and clean blend of white lily, powdery musk and amber. Blue Ribbon: A sweet and fruity cocktail of fresh melon, pear and raspberry.

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