FluentPet Basic Get Started Kit - Set of 6 Basic Buttons with Batteries Included for Dogs & Cats and 3 HexTiles - Customizable Cat & Dog Training Buttons for Communication - Talking Button Gift Set



Brand: FluentPet


  • Complete Cat and Dog Talking Buttons Set: Teach your pets how to communicate their needs with our FluentPet Basic Get Started Kit! Our set comes with 6 cat/dog buttons with batteries included for communication, 3 HexTiles, and 35 labeling stickers. Great gift for pet lovers!
  • Customized Learning Made Easier: Our recordable buttons for dogs/cats lets you choose the words you teach your learners. You can also group the buttons on the HexTiles by category to simplify their learning.
  • Easy-to-Use Pet Buttons for Talking: Our cat/dog communication buttons come with pre-installed batteries so you can use them right away. They only require 0.5 lbs of pressure and are easy to activate even by smaller pets. Button dimensions: 1.9in (48mm) x 1.1in (27.9mm).
  • Keep Buttons From Sliding Around: Each HexTile securely holds up to 6 talking buttons for dogs and cats. They take up minimal space and can be expanded as your pet’s vocabulary grows.
  • Step-by-Step Training: Get access to guided button teaching and a community of devoted trainers to help you realize the potential of your dog or cat with FluentPet

Package Dimensions: 98x279x850


Our pets talk to us regularly, and it takes a lot of guessing to figure out what they’re trying to tell us. Help your little furry friends find their voice with our cat and dog communication buttons set. Our FluentPet Get Started Kit comes with 6 FluentPet buttons for dogs and cats of any size, 3 HexTiles for organizing your communication board, and 67 Ideogram stickers to label your pet talking buttons for easy recall.


Training your pet can take time, but the results are incredibly rewarding. We’ve designed our pet buttons for talking to make the experience easier for you.

Our recordable buttons let you choose which words you’d like to teach your pet. You can use terms that are already familiar to your little companion to help simplify training.

Our FluentPet cat and dog training buttons for communication are easily activated by the slightest paw touch, so they’re great for learners of any size. They’re equipped with high-fidelity speakers for clear sound that can be easily heard. They come with pre-installed batteries, so you can use your cat and dog talking button set straight out of the box.

Organize your talking push buttons for dogs and cats into a soundboard with our durable non-slip HexTiles. These button mats simplify learning by grouping the buttons by category to help your learner discover and remember their meaning. Their color patterns are designed to be easy to tell apart, even if your pets see colors and shapes differently. Each can securely hold up to 6 talking buttons for dogs and cats and be expanded as your pet’s vocabulary grows. You won’t need to start over with a new setup – simply modify the one you have!

Being able to communicate clearly with your pet is priceless, and our cat and dog training buttons can help make that happen. Let our FluentPet Get Started Kit join you on this paw-some adventure. Get yours now!