BARK&SPARK Omega 3 for Dogs - 180 Fish Oil Treats for Dog Shedding, Skin Allergy, Itch Relief, Hot Spots Treatment - Joint Health - Skin and Coat Supplement - EPA & DHA Fatty Acids - Salmon Oil




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  • Itch & Allergy Relief with Omega-3 for Dogs – with 500mg of Omega (EPA+DHA) per serving, our chewable supplement helps with hot spots, dry itchy skin, ease itching, irritated skin, stops shedding.
  • Skin & Coat + Hip & Joint Supplement Combined – Omega 3 is a vital element to keep your pet active, support healthy hip and joints, brain, heart, immune health. Can be served with regular pet food.
  • Bark&Spark Commitment – we are keen to give best to our furry customers and we take NO compromise when it comes to product quality. Our omega 3 bites are made in the USA, with human grade ingredients.
  • Up to 3 Month Supply – with 180 salmon oil treats per jar you keep your pet healthy while not spending a fortune on overpriced supplements. Best value.
  • Is Your Dog a Picky Eater? We stick to simple formulas rich in natural flavors, that could tempt a fussy eater. No hassle with pills, powder, tablets or capsules.

Package Dimensions: 92x162x594

Details: Help your buddy tackle dry itchy skin and get healthy shiny coat with Omega Dog Treats. Packed with essential Omega 3 6 9 fatty acids, source from wild Alaskan salmon, these chewable treats are all-in-one skin and coat supplement, formulated for daily use. Health benefits: – Support Healthy Skin & Coat – Relief Allergies – Itch Relief – Boost Immune – Hip & Joint Health Support – Brain and Heart Functions Support Dog Omega Treats are suitable for all breeds, sizes and ages, from puppies to older dogs. Recommended serving: Serve with each meal, amount based on dog’s weight: Up to 20 lbs. – 3 chew, 21 to 40 lbs. – 3 treats, 41 to 60 lbs. – 4 treats, 61 lbs. and over – 6 treats.

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